Sneak Peak: Etsy Christmas

With the Christmas almost a month away, I’m gearing up to post some new items on my Etsy store. They should be up in the next few days. Take a look below!

Himmeli Wreath Gift Bag


I love the himmeli wreath pattern. The geometric shape means it adapts great to embroidery, even if its only in 2D. Himmeli wreaths are quite the design trend this year, but sadly I couldn’t find much info on the ornament’s origins. However, I do know that they are Finnish in origin and are traditionally made with straw. Find more info here.

There are endless variations of the himmeli pattern, from wreaths to mobiles to cage lights and even air plant ‘planters’.


Odd One Out Gift Bag
Next up, I designed a simple christmas tree pattern. White and red – classic, simple and pretty universal. Who doesn’t like christmas trees?




Christmas Village Notebook
This one is inspired by the village near my hometown, which is about as picturesque as you can get during the holidays. I wanted to steer away from the traditional Christmas colours, but still evoke that “warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling”, hence the pink. (Because lets face it, no matter how many years I’ve spent denying it, pink it pretty much the best colour ever). Think small snow-covered village bedecked with pine and set aglow with thousands of (pink) fairy lights.




Sweater Weather

Now that its sweater weather, I’ve devoted an entire piece of furniture to sweaters. Actually I needed an entire piece because I have enough to wear a new one each day of the week. For two weeks.


Living next to what I like to think of as the ‘Westmount of Toronto’, we’ve come across some amazing curb discoveries. Seemingly when people are rich, their castoffs tend to be hardwood, beautiful and timeless. This one is in need of a bit of TLC, but we’ll get there in the summer.

Sweater_weather_collageThis corner is what I like to think of as “cabin themed”, with its warm wood colours, the cozy knit textures and the green artwork.

I also finally found a home for my Chinese fish-scale lantern (I loved my ancient philosophy class, but the book was a tedious read… so I turned it into a lantern).


I’ve noticed that this concentration of lush green shades gives me an uplifting feeling, as it reminds me of summer’s abundant life and colour. It may be dreary November outside, but its cozy in here!


City Sights: Rosehill Garden


I stumbled upon the beautiful Rosehill Garden a few weeks ago. Today was gorgeous, and just warm enough to sit and read on the sunlit park bench with a mug of hot tea.


The garden is part of a park that is built over a massive water reserve. About 10 years ago, community members decided that the abandoned weed-filled playground had some great potential. $165,000 (almost half of which is from private donors, eek!) and five years later, this beautiful oasis was planted.


The contrast between garden and city is quite fantastic! The reservoir space is so huge that the condos don’t tower over the space, like in many urban parks. You are left with a sense of balance between city and nature.

DSC_0069   DSC_0061

In warmer temperatures the smell of grass and pollen envelop the senses, and there are clouds of hungry bumble bees.


The garden is full of some of my favourite plants; lavender, russian sage, hydrangeas and little succulents. It’s well thought out layout is reminiscent of European gardens. All that is missing is the boxwood.


City Sights: The Urban and the Rural

Snapped this photo a couple weeks ago after attending a screening of a great short film at the CN tower’s cinema. The tower is pretty much omnipresent in this city.


We went on a walking adventure to the Edwards Gardens and stumbled upon a beautiful forested road in the middle of the city. We later discovered this is the Bridle Path area. Lush trees surround the area, but if you peer through them, you can see massive homes that seem to big to be real. Also, every house has a tennis court. I thought tennis as a rich person’s sport was a bit outdated, but seems I was wrong!


Nicknamed “Millionaire’s Row”, the area is the most affluent neighbourhood in Canada, with an average income of $657,613 . Conrad Black and Celine Dion both own(ed) houses there(wikipedia).  You can imagine our surprise, having stumbled on the place without knowing anything about it. (This post has been a long time coming – the photos were evidently taken in the fall >< ).


Typical Bridle Path home (wikipedia). Obviously the van belongs to the contractor..

We may have also accidentally broken out of a construction site, after stumbling along a barely existent forest path. Google Maps, you’re great, but sometimes I should use my brain instead.

City Sights: Text Snapshots

With the overwhelming amount of signage in this city (I may be guilty of making fun of how much Ontarians love their signs. Do I really need a sign to tell me what the illuminated orange hand means at a pedestrian crossing?), coming across the neat or bizarre is inevitable. This is what I found.


I would join any church that gave out candy and ice cream. Obviously.


I’m assuming this is a reference to Magritte’s “Ceci N’est Pas une Pipe”. Made even more ironic by the by the illicit nature of grafitti (although I think this one was intentional by the building).

Etsy Shop Notebooks: Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds, Oh My!


A little bit of shameless self promotion here. I started an Etsy store a few months ago to sell some of my pieces: hand embroidered Moleskine notebooks. The Moleskines are great because they have nothing on the covers, a blank slate for Moleskine “hacks”!

I’ve recently updated my store with some Fall themed notebooks depicting squash. As far as I’m concerned, squash are the best of fall products. They come in many colours, are delicious to eat and the fact that each has a unique shape doesn’t hinder their value. The crazier the shape, the better.


Find this one here.

Inside are 80 unlined pages, perfect for sketching, doodling or writing.


The blue one is here.

Blue closeup

Some older notebooks, also for sale. These ones are identical, except the paper inside is lined.



Here and here.

Still not convinced? Here’s a cute penguin.


End of self promotion.

Enjoy the smells, the crunch and the colours of fall!

‘Cause Winter is a comin’.

City Sights: Colour Constrast

Hello Fall. Just as the new month starts, the trees have started to show off their colourful accents. I love the colour contrasts between autumn leaves and the summer’s lush green leftovers. I took this photo while walking on Bloor st at the U of T campus. The smell of leaf decay was strong, even downtown. Nick, get ready, its time for some pumpkin pie!